What We Do

Feather and down pillows and feather and down cushions from the Norfolk Feather Company

We make mid-range and premium quality cushions and pillows throughout the UK

We work exclusively on a business-to-business basis. In other words, we don’t sell individual products to the end consumer, just batches of cushions or pillows to retailers and wholesalers.

Our mid-range products are stocked by leading retailers and our premium lines are chosen by iconic British brands and designers.

We have a full range of ‘off the shelf’ products and can also work to any bespoke configuration. Finished products can be branded with our own Norfolk Collection marque, or with your own custom branding. We also offer our Classic range of pillows, which use the finest European fillings and premium outer cases all in presentation packaging.

Our products are proudly made in the UK by expert craftsmen drawing on decades of experience. Our customers stay with us because we offer a great product at a reasonable price, with turnaround times that overseas suppliers simply can’t match.

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Our Mission

At Norfolk Feather, our mission, is to develop partnerships with our customers in order to provide them with a range of products to suit their customer’s needs.

In building partnerships, we aim to provide a high level of customer service, extensive technical support and reliable, flexible manufacturing capabilities.

We invite you to work with us.