Frequently Asked Questions

What do you make?

We make natural & polyester pillows and cushion pads (or some people call them inners or fillers).

Where are your products made?

Our products are all manufactured and produced in Diss, Norfolk

How many people are employed in your workforce?

In total we have a loyal local workforce of 36 experienced individuals.

Are the feathers you use, from birds that are bred just for their plumage?

No, not at all. The feathers we use are a by-product of the food chain.

Luxury feather and down pillows and cushions from the Norfolk Feather Company

Are the birds still alive when they are plucked?

We do not condone live plucking. All of our feathers are by-products from the food chain.

I think I can get these products cheaper elsewhere.

If you can, are you looking at like for like items?


  • Is the tick an upholstery quality unbleached 100% cotton cambric?
  • What is it’s construction and, most importantly, is it featherproof?
  • Are the duck feathers used all new? (it may sound strange but some companies used old or re-used feather called couchee).
  • Are the fill weights the same?
  • Are the duck feathers used 4-6cm? (We use this size. Larger feathers, for example 6-8cm, have a larger quill and therefore the weight used will not give as good a loft as our feathers).


All these aspects make a difference to the price. We use top quality components to offer a high quality product.

Do your products have standard fill weights?

We have a standard range of products which have standard fill weights although many of our customers require specific fill weights for their own needs. We can cater to their requirements as all products are made on the premises.

nfc-065 small

We want our own brand packaging – can you help us?

We can produce using own brand labels and packaging and deliver to your requirements. We can offer a wide variety of packaging options tailored to your needs. Please contact the office for your individual requirements.

Do you supply duvets and mattress toppers?

We currently only run a few duvets but have plans to expand into these in the future.

Do you offer discounts for large volume orders.

We can tailor offers and discounts for larger orders to your exact requirements and location.

Can you cater for items requiring different fillings?

We are always willing to discuss items with specific requirements. Our staff are more than happy to offer advice and a non-obligation quote.

Is there a minimum order?

There is no minimum order. We can cater for any amount of items required. However, carriage is charged on smaller orders.

Do you supply the natural fillings themselves?

Yes, it is an important part of our business supplying natural fillings to furniture manufacturers and upholsterers.

Do you supply directly to the public?

Our customer base, although varied, is restricted to trade customers only.

If you have any other questions, please contact us.